Mindfulness is an important part of our daily routine and is practised at least twice throughout the day. We embrace Mindfulness for a number of reasons.

  1. It can literally change children’s brains when consistently practised over 8 weeks. The amygdala, the threat system in the brain, shrinks and the cerebral cortex thickens which means we become less stressed and more focussed in our everyday lives.
  2. Mindfulness improves children’s overall capacity to learn. When children feel better, they learn better.
  3. A wealth of positive research shows the positive impact of Mindfulness on children’s behaviour, emotions, academic skills, well being, mental health, social emotional skills etc.
  4. It is a preventative and restorative approach to behaviour. So when we embed Mindfulness in classrooms we work to approach the emotions that lie beneath the behaviours.

'together aspire, together achieve,
together we are stronger...'